Results, Integrity, Strategy and Empowerment

Rise is not your AVERAGE Consulting Firm

RISE is an international consulting firm providing advice, support and training to NGOs, philanthropic organizations and political and community leaders in the Middle East and Europe.  We give strength and empowerment to people working on range of issues — women’s empowerment, health care, Syrian refugees, business entrepreneurship, economic development and other critical topics. RISE was formed in the recognition that not enough is being done to build strong and sustainable organizations. We offer services such as organizational management, strategic planning, resource development, event planning, and cross cultural trips between the US and international organizations and leaders.


We are Experienced, Organized and Professionally Trained

There are few companies around the world that have as much experience as we do in helping organizations raise money

We are successful not because we know the secret knock, but because we know how to develop a STRATEGY. Experience has shown over and over again that fundraisers, using proven techniques can go into a community to raise money, period. These tactics work everywhere in the world as long as you have a strategy to get you there.

Even when times are bad, it is simply not true to say that nobody has any money. Most money comes from people, and most people are not rich

The overwhelming evidence is that people will give to causes in which they believe, if they are asked, even in very hard times. No matter where people live or what the economy is like, no matter what the local attitudes and culture is, there are people who give money to causes. We match your cause with proven strategies in order to EMPOWER you to create the change you believe is possible and we are here to help you realize.

We do this with INTERGITY

Women around the world are uncomfortable talking about money. Women are also more apt to believe that politics is dirty business. These issues are often intertwined

Women are not taught financial planning or investment strategies as much as men are, which puts them at a leadership disadvantage. Not having the resources to exert on developing their own leadership profile in the community or as a candidate contributes to a widening gender gap. We are committed to changing this. As two women who built organizations from the ground up in a highly competitive political arena we are committed to helping women tackle issues of money, as candidates and as community leaders.

Our Passion
We want women to gain the confidence necessary in order to restore the imbalance that has put women at a disadvantage in order to increase women's leadership and political participation around the world
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